Die Social Media Superlist 2009 – ein MUST-Read! – (Update: jetzt funktionieren alle Links)

  • Superlist of What NOT To Do In Social Media
    Superlist collection of articles/blog posts on what not to do with social media. Mistakes, failure, bloopers to avoid.
  • Social Media Case Studies SUPERLIST- 23 Extensive Lists of Organizations Using Social Media
    Comprehensive collection of 22 lists, databases and resources of social media/web 2.0 case studies and examples.
  • How-To: Influence Influencers- Bloggers, Tweeters & Others
    Collection of resources, tips and advice that can help you identify influential bloggers and other social media users and develop strategies to engage your targeted influencers in ways that will help you achieve your objectives.
  • HOW-TO: Write Effectively for Twitter and the Social Web
    Collection of articles with advice on writing for Twitter and the social web. Organized into the following topics – general online writing principles, writing strong headlines, writing for Twitter, and writing for search engines.
  • Facebook for Business SuperGuide
    Comprehensive collection of resources, tips and advice on how to use Facebook for business purposes including topics such as Facebook groups, pages, events, causes, Facebook for non-profits, tools, and statistics.
  • Ultimate Guide to Delicious Social Bookmarking
    Comprehensive collection of tutorials, advice, resources, tips and tools to help you use Delicious to enhance your marketing, research and other business objectives. There’s a special section just for marketers.
  • LinkedIn SuperGuide -Tutorials, Tips and Tools
    Comprehensive guide to a range of tutorials/how-to’s, tips, advice and tools to help you become a LinkedIn power user.
  • How-To: Build & Manage Your Brand Identity with Social Media
    Comprehensive collection of tools, resources, and advice for building and managing your personal or company brand identity.
  • How-To: Search the Social Web – Ultimate Toolkit
    Comprehensive guide to a wide range of resources, websites, services and advice that will help you find, filter, and monitor the information you need more effectively.
  • How-To: Create a Unique Twitter Background
    Collection of how-to articles, advice, resources and tools to help you create a unique background for your Twitter Profile.
  • How To Boost Your Social Media Productivity – A Guide For Busy People
    Comprehensive list of articles with great advice, tips and tools to help you be more productive and efficient when using social media. Also some posts that offer up general online productivity insights.
  • Ultimate How-To: Grow Your Social Media Network
    Extensive roundup of tools, resources and great advice to help you grow your network.
  • Social Media Metrics Superlist: Measurement, ROI, & Key Statistics Resources
    Collection of valuable resources, tools, & advice specifically on the topics of social media measurement, monitoring and ROI. You’ll also find a handful of key social media statistics resources to put in your toolkit.
  • HOW TO Sell Social Media to Cynics, Skeptics & Luddites – Tips, Resources & Advice
    Arsenal of articles with solid advice, data, and tips to help you make the case for social media in your organization or with a client.
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