Der unglaublich Effekt von Freundschaften mit Marken auf Facebook – Online Brand Interaction nennt es Brian Solis und zeigt uns Deutschen auf, was wir in der Markenkommunikation noch lernen müssen

The effect of friending a brand on Facebook or MySpace engenders almost unbelievable results. 96% either always, usually, or sometimes recommend the brand to others (22.94%, 39.15%, and 33.9% respectively). 98% consider the brand when in the market for the product or service (22.69% always, 40.90% usually, 34.41% sometimes). Just under 97% (21.45 always, 38.65% usually, 36.66% sometimes) recognized that engagement raises their awareness of the brand. And, a staggering 97% reported buying a product or service from the brand (17.46% always, 42.89% usually, 36.66% sometimes).

This is why monitoring, establishing and cultivating a strategic presence and inspiring meaningful engagement is so critical in social media. It impacts the bottom line. If we are not present within the attention dashboards of our existing customers and prospects, we intentionally remove ourselves from their decision-making funnel. Consumers are among the new influencers as they now have access to the same tools and channels that reach peers and shape their impressions.

Creating a program rich with value and rewards will cause measurable action. Thus, allowing us to generate goodwill through online participation while tracking consequential business metrics based on actual interaction and performance.

Den sehr lesenswerten Artikel gibt es komplett, wenn ihr auf die Verlinkung klickt! Unbedingt empfehlenswert. Und Großen Dank an Brian Solis.

Posted via web from ennome’s social media content aggregation blog


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