Online monitoring is broader than Twitter – Here are some really nice tools you should care about

For a fee, and for more than just monitoring in many instances, you can utilize:

  • Radian6 – which allows you to set up a dashboard to monitor mentions across sites and tools and shows you brand sentiment, along with location, and integrating with WebTrends and
  • RapLeaf – helps you understand your customers better, simplify online media planning, enhance customer databases, and manage fraud risk
  • BrandsEye – for monitoring online reputation and tracking negative sentiment
  • ScoutLabs – web-based application that tracks social media and provides you with data on sentiment, trend spotting, buzz trend, share of voice, email alerts, customer rants and raves, as well as a platform to coordinate your response, assign tasks, add comments, and share product and marketing ideas
  • Cymfony – collects all forms of content, organizes and categorizes it, and provides a powerful but easy-to-use interface with data visualization and discovery features that allow you to gain valuable insights from selected discussion most relevant to your brand
  • BuzzLogic – technology platform identifies and organizes the conversation universe, combining both conversation-topic and audience to help brands reach more than 44 million users who are passionate on everything from the latest tech craze and cloud computing to parenthood and politics
  • Spiral16 – for monitoring, collecting, and measuring the social media conversations, semantic analysis, conversation sentiment, and visualizing data in a 3D mapping so you can better understand the hubs of influencers (based on linkages) and how a message is potentially being spread

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