How to Make Your Business More Productive

You have these tasks on your plate to start your business:

  1. „I gotta do PR!“
  2. „I gotta do marketing!“
  3. „I gotta launch my website!“
  4. „I gotta write my sales materials!“
  5. „I gotta set up my CRM system!“

You want to save money, so you do everything yourself despite your lack of experience in any of the above to-dos:

  • Doing PR takes you 5 weeks.
  • Doing marketing takes you 5 weeks.
  • Launching your website takes you 5 weeks.
  • Writing your sales materials takes you 5 weeks.
  • Setting up your CRM system takes you 5 weeks.

Your 6 months are pretty much gone.

Now, imagine you hiring folks with at least 10 years of experience in each of the categories above.

You + Team of Experts

  1. Schmo, the PR expert, could’ve done what you did in 5 days.
  2. Frozilla, marketing guru, could’ve done what you did in 5 days.
  3. Bishizzle, the marketing maven, could’ve done what you did in 5 days.
  4. Qwerteezy, the sales master, could’ve done what you did in 5 days.
  5. Bobeezy, the CRM pro, couldve done what you did in 5 days.

You’re thinking: „Hey! Instead of 25 weeks, I just condensed the to 25 days! Woohoo!“


You didn’t just condense everything into 25 days; because each expert can act independently (give or take a few days), you can condense everything into 5 days.

So get this:

  1. You just went from 6 months.
  2. …to 5 days.
  3. …simply because you relied on great people.

Good companies know that great people get things done exponentially quicker, conserving freakish more time, and saving ridiculous more money.

How Can You Afford It?

You = in the open market (a full-time job):

  1. Calculate how much each hour costs you (e.g., a $70K job pays $35/hr).
  2. Now, multiply it by X hours (how long it takes you to do whatever it is that you want).
  3. You get the dollar amount you spend on doing those tasks.

(Then add your fixed bills — e.g. rent, utility, cell phone, gas, car, etc.)

For instance, 5 weeks of you doing PR + fixed expenses = $10,000.

  • A PR expert who can do it for much less — and in 5 days? Deal of a lifetime.

Unless you’re Superstar-to-the-max, every hour that you spend trying to do something that you’ve never done costs you more money than it does by simply relying super experienced folks who get things done quickly.

Great people build great businesses.

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